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Constant Antifa Riots in Portland Since the Inauguration but the Liberal Media is Ignoring the Situation

TOP STORIES _____________________________________________________________________________ Democrats Suspiciously Bring Back Bill for Voting Rights Dershowitz Appalled Over Pitch to Disbar Giuliani Will Biden Merge Govt Power with Tech Power?Democrats Suspiciously Bring Back Bill for Voting Rights Former press secretary for Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, now with ABC, asked Senator Rand Paul if he agreed …

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[B-SIDE Podcast] Charter change, explained

Follow us on Spotify BusinessWorld B-Side Charter change (cha-cha) is once again alive in Congress. Although business groups support the initiative to liberalize the economy, they say that amending the Constitution 15 months before the national elections will only be “divisive.”  Lawmakers, they added, should instead focus on passing pending …

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