You’ll Never Guess What Group Supports Trump by 45%



Not Near my Property – Woman Holds Man at Gunpoint Getting Ready to Possibly Start a Wildfire 

On the same day the Trump administration announced the historic peace deal in the middle east, house democrats held an event with an anti-Israel group.

They would cringe over this statistic if liberal media actually reported the information.  A poll from a gay dating app, Hornet, finds that 45% of gay men support Trump.

Black lives matter protestors surrounded a man’s house for an extended period of time shining lights into his windows and yelling through a megaphone.  When the police showed up, they arrested the homeowner.



Arsonist Held at Gunpoint by Woman Near her Oregon Property


high standard sentinel deluxe

How to Check if a Gun is Stolen When Buying from a Private Owners

Disney World currently requires masks of all guests over the age of 2.

Video –Disney Guest with no Mask Forced to Leave Park

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